We are a proudly Canadian business based in Guelph Ontario offering a wide range of treats, chews, and supplements for your pets. We are committed to hand-selected, human-grade, natural, whole-food ingredients in all our products, so you can feel good and confident when giving them to your dogs and cats.
Proudly Canadian

Our Specialties

Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews

Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews is one of our specialties. Chewing is a natural and essential part of being a dog and is one way that canines explore their environment. Dogs may also resort to self-soothing when stressed, anxious, or bored. Providing them with a healthy all-natural chew is the ideal distraction. Our Himalayan yak cheese chews are sourced fresh every month from Nepal and made from milk of grazing grass-fed Yak, whose diets contain no added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. We created five different sizes perfect for any sized dog and five different flavours for even the pickiest of pets.

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Superfood Supplements

Herbal supplements can help promote overall health in your pets. We specialize in safe, gentle, natural herbal supplements that will benefit your pets' health with over 15 herbal remedies. Many herbs have been used in human medicine for centuries and are growingly prevalent in pets. Herbs are known for natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve the immune system, support organ function, and more. We use certified organic, quality, human-grade ingredients in all our herbal remedies. All supplements are formulated in-house and mixed in small batches by hand to guarantee potency.

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We ♥ the environment

We keep your pets and the planet in mind in everything we do. Right down to our recyclable packages, labels, and boxes. We select suppliers and manufacturers who meet high environmental and social responsibility standards. We also prioritize humanely sourced products and animal welfare by ensuring that animals are treated respectfully, and their rights are protected throughout production. By sourcing ethically and humanely, we can promote the well-being of animals while supporting sustainable practices that benefit the environment. Sourcing responsibly positively impacts the communities where our products are sourced, as it helps ensure fair compensation for workers and encourages sustainable economic growth. Ethically and humanely sourced products are essential to creating a better, more responsible world!

Offical Taste Testers

Indra & Asura

Indra is a spunky sassy queen who loves to eat everything. She spends her days looking extra cute to acquire more treats, her favourite is the salmon bites. Her brother Asura is our hardest critic to please, but he cannot stop munching on the chicken bites.


Onyx is a fluff ball of sweetness but has her spicy moments. Onyx spends her days with her Dad working hard at the Livstrong facility enjoying many pats and delicious treats. She gives our Himalayan Yak Chews a 10/10 and has eaten her fair share to give her honest review.


Boo is the most gentle, sweet soul you will ever meet. The livstrong family rescued her at a young age, and now she is living her best life, filled with delicious treats to try. She is a big fan of the Chicken Bites.

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