We are a proudly Canadian business based in Guelph Ontario offering a wide range of treats, chews, and supplements for your pets. We are committed to hand-selected, human-grade, natural, whole-food ingredients in all our products, so you can feel good and confident when giving them to your dogs and cats. 


 Love our Ingredients 

We keep your pet's wellness in mind by using quality, human-grade ingredients in all our formulations. All our herbs sourced from around the world are certified organic and only the best. Our herbal remedies are formulated in-house and mixed in small batches by hand to guarantee potency.

The Process of making Yak Cheese Chews!

 Our Official Taste Testers 

Meet Indra!

She is a spunky sassy queen who loves to eat everything. She spends her days looking extra cute to acquire more treats. She is excellent at trying Livstrong treats and supplements, although her focus on devouring anything edible could cloud her judgment.

Meet Onyx!

She is a fluff ball of sweetness and has her spicy moments. Onyx spends her days with her Dad working hard at the Livstrong facility enjoying many pats and delicious treats. She gives our Himalayan Yak Chews a 10/10 and has eaten her fair share to give her honest review.

Meet Ash!

Ash is our hardest critic to please as he can be overcritical of food. Nonetheless, the munching cannot stop once he has found his preference for our Chicken Cat Treats! He can be rambunctious around his big sister Indra, but he is the best and fluffiest cuddler.