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Orders usually take 2-3 business days to fulfill. The customer will be contacted if a delay occurs.

Products ordered online ship all across Canada and the United States. Additional charges may apply to U.S orders on arrival.

Mixing our supplements with your pet's meals is ideal. Try sprinkling the supplement directly onto your pet's food. Alternatively, mix the powder supplement with a small amount of wet food, coconut oil, or water to create a paste, and then mix it into your pet's food.

1/4 teaspoon is provided with all of our supplements for easy serving.

Our Himalayan Yak Cheese supplier works with more than 8000 farmers directly / indirectly, supporting them in technical, processing, financing, and quality improvement providing a stable way for Nepal farmers to sell their goods internationally. The production and export of Himalayan yak cheese chews have become an important part of Nepal's economy and have helped to create jobs and generate income for many people in the country.