Olive Leaf

Dog & Cat Supplement

Olive Leaves are a potent anti-fungal. This supplement may help keep the balance between fungi and bacterium in the body of dogs and cats when yeast takes over. Bacteria and yeast play an essential role in the body of our pets, and when one of them is too high, many problems can happen. One common problem is Yeast Candida which can cause irritated skin or rash, discharge from ears, and sores from scratching. Olive leaf powder may help this condition and ease common symptoms. We packaged it in a recyclable black jar with a spoon for easy serving, size 100g / 3.5oz

Veterinary Health Product:  NN.K0K9

Ingredients: Olive Leaf Powder

For oral use on food

Recommended dose:

*When introducing any new product to your pet's diet, do so gradually*