Diatomaceous Earth Guard


Dog & Cat Supplement

For internal and external use.

Internal: Diatomaceous Earth is also an effective deworming supplement for pets. It helps to eradicate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms, and hookworms in dogs and cats. Add Diatomaceous Earth to your pooch or kitty's daily meals for at least a month to kill hatching eggs and worms moving around in their stomach. While it's more common to use Diatomaceous Earth as flea prevention, many people have added small amounts of DE to their pet's diet. There a numerous benefits a pet can receive from a consistent dosage of DE. Pet owners who have given their pets DE have found their pet has an improved coat, appetite, metabolism, and digestion.

External: Fleas and other insects have exoskeletons, rigid outer bodies, or shells. When these insects touch diatomaceous earth, the tiny abrasive particles damage their exoskeletons and cling to their bodies, absorbing the moisture until they dry up and perish. The particles may also kill some flea larvae, but it is not effective against flea eggs or pupae. Adult fleas may die as quickly as four hours after contact with diatomaceous earth.

We packaged it in a recyclable black jar with a spoon for easy serving, sizes 150g / 5.3oz and 300g / 10.6oz.

Veterinary Health Product:  NN.D1C8

Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (uncalcined)

The recommended dose for oral use:

*When introducing any new product to your pet's diet, do so gradually*