Himalayan Yak Cheese Infused Medium - Cranberry & Blueberry - Bulk Box (25pc)

Our Yak Cheese is infused with all-natural cranberry and blueberry extract. Himalayan Yak cheese is digestible, long-lasting, hard but not too hard, low odor, all-natural, and healthy. In addition to protein, yak milk is rich in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acid, and calcium. These are great for improving your dogs' skin & coat and dental health.

MED:  75g (25pc)

Ingredients:  Yak Milk, Lime Juice and Sea Salt, Cranberry, and Blueberry

Crude Protein (Min)  69.0%     Crude Fat (min)  1.0%     Moisture (Max)  14.0%

Type: Yak Cheese Chew