Weight Control 145g

Weight Control contains four essential herbs: Cumin, Green Tea, Ginger & Kelp. Cumin is the dominating ingredient and holds many health benefits, including may reduce body weight. Green tea may boost the metabolism and may have fat-burning capabilities. The third ingredient is Ginger which may have many health benefits like boosting metabolism. The final component is Kelp, which is exceptionally nutrient-dense, loaded with vitamins & minerals, and contains a unique kind of fiber called alginate. Alginate may inhibit fat-digesting enzymes called lipases, which may help prevent fat digestion. We packaged it in a recyclable jar with a spoon for easy serving.

Dog & Cat Supplement

May help with weight control, metabolism-boosting & immune support

Veterinary Health Product:  NN.O7D9

Ingredients: Cumin, Green Tea, Ginger, and Kelp

For oral use on food, recommended dose:

*When introducing any new product to your pet's diet, do so gradually*

Type: Dog & Cat Supplement